Black Friday Deals on iPad, iPod touch at Walmart and Staples

Black friday 2009 walmart

Time for some more frivolous spending this week as Black Friday is near. Aside from Apple’s own Black Friday sale, Walmart and Staples will have some discounts on the iPad and the iPod touch. Here’s what you can look forward to…

Walmart (via RFD)

  • iPad 2 16GB Wifi – $374 ($25 off)
  • iPod touch 16GB (4th gen) – $188 ($11 off)

Staples (via RFD)

  • iPad 2 16GB Wifi – $369 ($30 off)
  • iPod touch 16GB (4th ten) – $179 ($20 off)
  • Black Sheep item –> BlackBerry Playbook 32GB – $118.99 (pretty hot deal IMHO–for a cutting board; kidding!)

These aren’t mind-blowing savings, but they are still discounts on Apple products that never go on sale. It’s also a great way to get discounts on these older generation products if you don’t have an Apple retail store nearby.

Let us know if you’re planning on buying an iPad 2 or 4th gen iPod touch!