Early 27″ iMac Buyers Receiving Notices Of “Preparing For Shipment”

Last week, we pointed out that Apple’s online store is now listing the new 27? iMac as shipping in January, as opposed to previous estimates of shipment in December. But now, some early buyers of the 27″ iMac have noticed that their order status has been changed to “Preparing for Shipment”, reports CNET (via MacRumors forums).

New imac 2012

Some MacRumors forum members who pre-ordered the new 27″ iMacs have received notices from Apple that their units are one step closer to shipping. In fact, one of the forum members claims that his credit card has also been charged for the order, further confirming that the larger display iMacs are almost ready to be shipped out.

Customers say the estimated delivery time is still being quoted as somewhere between December 21 and 31, according to MacRumors. But buyers could see them sooner if Apple can get them out the door fast enough. Consumers still looking to buy the 27-inch iMac face a longer wait time.

When the new 27 “iMac was made available for preorder on November 30, it was given an initial wait time of two to three weeks, which jumped to three to four weeks a few hours later.