Fido $57 Unlimited Plan: Bonus 1GB Data and $1 Off Extras Expire

Fido’s $57 unlimited plan previously had an extra 1GB of data and $1 off, plus the first month free. Those promotional “extras” toward this promo plan have expired as of yesterday, but the plan in its original form is still ongoing.

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As for the same plan that is eligible for three year terms (which means it is iPhone 5 eligible), the unadvertised $67 plan has also lost its extra gigabyte of data but is still available if you call in.

These plans offer incredible value for voice calls as you get unlimited long distance for both incoming and outgoing calls (zone free), plus unlimited local and international texting, caller ID and voicemail. Data overages are $10/GB.

There is no set expiry date for both of these promo plans to end, according to the Fido rep we spoke to. Were you able to jump on the $57 plan when it had 2GB of data and the extra $1 off?