Man Poses as Vivacious Woman to Seduce iPhone Thief on Dating Site

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What do you do when a thief steals your iPhone, and there’s an opportunity to retrieve it? You do whatever it takes, even if that means posing as a bodacious babe on a dating site to lure in the iPhone thief. That’s what happened recently in Brooklyn, reports the NY Post:

Nadav Nirenberg, 27, of Park Slope, Brooklyn, posed as a busty 24-year-old and sent romantic messages to the criminal, who had been using Nirenberg’s stolen iPhone to scour the OKCupid dating service for love.

Like a black widow, Nirenberg snared the lusty larcenist in his web.

“As soon as he responded, it was pretty crazy. It was extremely surreal,” Nirenberg said. “Afterwards, I was pretty giddy.”

The thief was using the stolen iPhone to message girls on OKCupid–which triggered an email alert to Nirenberg’s inbox. That’s when he decided to create a fake profile as busty “Jennifer in BK”, using an image from Google Images.

Eventually, the thief was instructed to come meet Jennifer (he arrived with a bottle of wine, ready for action), at Nirenberg’s apartment. When the thief showed up, he was surprised to feel a tap on his shoulder when he was just about to knock on the door. It was Nirenberg–armed with a hammer–who demanded his iPhone back. The thief complied and immediately left afterwards. Nirenberg was nice enough to even handed the thief $20 before he ran out. He should’ve considered handing out twenty hammer punches instead.

What do you think of this story? How far would you go to get back your stolen iPhone?