Apple Reportedly to Release Additional iPad, Possibly with 128GB Capacity

Earlier it was reported iOS 6.1 beta 5 revealed evidence of possible 128GB iOS devices being released. Now, 9to5Mac reports its sources have told them Apple will release another 9.7-inch iPad model with the same design, possibly a 128GB version. Evidence does from new SKUs from a high profile U.S. retailer:

The P101 and P103 names are Apple’s internal nomenclature for the WiFi-only and Cellular-compatible fourth-generation iPads, respectively. Both of those models comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations. These storage sizes are known as “GOOD,” “BETTER,” and “BEST,” respectively. As you can see in our table above, Apple is preparing to release the additional “ULTIMATE” model. “ULTIMATE” frequently refers to the most premium or highest capacity model available. The “A” points to a black configuration, and “B” stands for the white option


Just last week rumours noted the next iPad design would take cues from the thinner and lighter iPad mini, with a possible launch set for October.

Update: 9to5Mac has updated their article to include pricing. $799 for a WiFi model and $929 for a cellular model, which hints the 128GB capacity is imminent.