CBC Profiles Seniors Enjoying Technology, Like This 98 Year Old iPad User

CBC News reached out to its audience to help break the misperception social media users only consist of younger generations and wanted to hear from people over the age of 60 enjoying the internet and technology like the rest of us.

Out of the stories they received, a couple focused on Apple users, such as 98 year old Charles Fisher, a World War II veteran who enjoys his iPad. Last winter Fisher decided it was time to use the internet to keep in touch with his grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

His grandchild Kris Kearney-Richards sent in Fisher’s story and said his grandfather had “had never used a computer before,” but after the family decided to purchase him an iPad, “he was a natural,” as he quickly started sending emails, pictures and downloading various apps.


Fisher made his family proud for learning how to use new technology so well. Kearney-Richards says “technology has opened the world to him,” and “I am sure that he must be the oldest person in Canada with an iTunes account!” This is probably true.

The Skills of This Senior Puts You to Shame

Another story shared with CBC News came from 63 year old Tim Hicks, who did not want to send his picture to the CBC as he disagreed with the call-out for tech-savvy older folks.

“It reeks of ‘Oh, bless his heart, look, he’s using Skype!'” wrote Hicks, explaining how his generation invented a lot of this technology.

Hicks, a programmer from the late 1960s said he originally used email back when it was spelt “e-mail” and also “used green text on a black screen, with no mouse because they hadn’t been invented yet.” His work experience included composing his company’s website policy in 1994, plus years later published a guide related to email use.

He currently uses an iPad and iMac and is very familiar with technology, as he regularly uses Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Skype and other various networks at home, where he also has an Apple TV (he looks to subscribe to Netflix soon).

Hicks says he knows of many seniors just like him, who are “not yet ready to be condescended to and helped across the street by some young whippersnapper who’s too busy texting to be any use anyway.” Boom.

I am still blown away when I receive iMessages and emails sent from my mom’s iPhone, when just years ago she could barely navigate complex crappy flip phones. Learning curves are much easier on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

What stories do you have to share of ‘older’ folks using technology?

[via CBC News]