WSJ: Next iPad mini Likely to Have Retina Display, Possibly Coloured Back Covers

The WSJ has come out to say Apple’s next iPad mini will likely have a Retina display, made by Samsung, according to its sources.

Apple is working with suppliers in Asia on its next iPad mini with a high-resolution “retina” display, unlike the current iPad mini that comes with a lower-resolution screen, the people said. The size of the new tablet will likely be the same as the current 7.9-inch model, which was released in November last year. Apple has also been contemplating multiple color back covers for the new tablet, they said.

Suppliers such as Sharp and LG Display will also ship screens along with Samsung to Apple for the next iPad mini. The decision to source Samsung for displays, according to sources, was made to ensure enough screens would be available. Existing iPad mini screens are from LG Display and Taiwan’s AU Optronics.

The Journal speculates an iPad mini with Retina display is likely to appear after Google announced its new Nexus 7 last week, which sports a high resolution display.

Although Apple has tried to distance itself from rival Samsung, existing suppliers are still unable to meet the volume and quality Apple demands, hence the following statement from AU Optronics:

“We cannot take [Apple’s] orders because our rate of output efficiency is too low to be profitable,” said a manager at AU Optronics. He noted the company doesn’t make a profit from manufacturing current iPad mini screens.

Earlier today it was discovered within iOS 7 the next generation iPad mini could lack a Retina display, based on the analysis of code strings, sometimes an indicator of what’s to come–or not.