Here’s Apple Traffic Before and After the Release of iOS 7.1 [PIC]

Om Malik shares the following graphic which illustrates how a big Apple update such as iOS 7.1 can suddenly cause network traffic to spike, based on data from numerous North American ISPs part of the Internet Observatory Project:

Craig Labovitz, founder & CEO of network management services provider Deepfield knowing my interest in all things Apple shared this graphic about the impact of the release of iOS 7.1 (that runs on Apple’s iDevices) on the networks. He pointed out that this traffic includes bits from Apple data centers as well as all the Apple traffic on Akamai and Level3 CDN. And ditto for the other services. As Craig said, the released “crushed some networks.”

Pastedgraphic 2

iOS 7.1 was released just under two weeks ago and within 24 hours, Chitika reported adoption had hit 5.9% in just 24 hours. It’s not exactly a surprise that an iOS release would have feverish downloads from eager Apple users, but to see the spike for a x.1 release is quite interesting. Considering iOS 7.0 was so buggy, I’m not surprised people would want to update immediately.