Tim Cook to ABC: 22 of 50 U.S. States Involved with iPhone 6 or Apple Watch [VIDEO]

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As promised, ABC has aired its first behind the scenes look at Apple’s special event today, getting access to CEO Tim Cook. The Apple leader, while sporting the Apple Watch, told ABC anchor David Muir “You can do a lot with your wrist,” followed by “A lot more now.”

Cook also told Muir the Apple Watch comes in two sizes, either at 38mm or 42mm in height, with different sizes of straps, allowing for a variety of customization for its customers:

“[The wrist is] a very interesting place because it’s, you can obviously glance with it, you can’t glance at a lot of other places on your body,” Cook told Muir. “You can measure a lot of things from there and you can just get, honestly, a tidbit today of what all it can do. But I think it’s huge.”

In regards to Apple Pay, which will store credit card and payment credentials on the new chip called Secure Element, Cook described the enclave as “It’s incredibly safe,” while also saying confidently “I feel incredibly certain that it’s very secure — the most secure thing out there.” He also said he helped “put a dagger” in the physical wallet.

Muir also got his chance to try out Apple Watch, and sent his first tweet from the wearable:

At the end of the interview, Cook also stated how ‘Made in America’ is very important to him still, and noted 22 out of 50 U.S. states are involved with parts, materials or equipment related to iPhone 6 or Apple Watch.

Check out the 3 minute and 20 second long clip below:

Cook also said while Apple isn’t the first to launch a watch, they also weren’t first to launch the iPod—which revolutionized digital music. Earlier, a clip was shared by ABC where Muir asked Cook about Steve Jobs.