Pocket Teases How Saving Items Will Be Much Faster in iOS 8 [PIC]

PKTBlog iOS8Update v1  1

For users of Pocket, the company has shared how its upcoming version 5.6, set to debut with iOS 8 on September 17, will make saving items much faster.

The new Pocket Share Option, once enabled, will add Pocket as an extension within mobile Safari’s native iOS menu. So the next time you want to save an item, it’s just one tap away, no matter what it is.

Pocket share option final

Also, when you save an item, you’ll be able to tag it right away once the ‘Saved!’ confirmation appears on screen.

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Pocket also says you’ll be able to share to more apps, in particular apps that are also building share options for iOS 8. For those that use Pocket from multiple devices, the company says they will support Handoff, so you will be able to seamlessly read Pocket articles between your iOS and Mac devices in Yosemite.

As an avid user of Pocket, I can’t wait for this.