Foxconn Rumoured to Spend $2.6B on a Sapphire Display Factory for Apple


Looks like Apple’s plans for sapphire glass displays for its iOS devices are pretty much alive as a new report by Focus Taiwan (via G4Games) is claiming that Foxconn is planning to invest a hefty $2.6 billion on a display factory in Taiwan, which will supply components exclusively to Apple. The report also notes that Foxconn will likely use this facility to produce sapphire displays for the Cupertino company.

“A new report from China suggests that Foxconn has decided to build a new factory in China, which will produce sapphire displays for the next-gen iPhones. Foxconn signed an agreement with the Zhengzhou city government in central China (Henan Province) in order to set up a sapphire factory on a 133-hectare plot of land situated next to an iPhone 6 assembly plant.”

It is possible that Foxconn may actually become Apple’s sapphire display supplier in the future, though it may take some time since building a gigantic facility and setting up a viable mass production strategy are two very different things. It is also possible that Apple has still not found a sapphire boules provider that can match the massive yield an iPhone with a sapphire display requires.

Let’s hope Apple can conjure up a new sapphire display collaborator in the next couple of years, or may be just in time for the iPhone 7.