Free ‘Straighten Up Canada’ App Helps Improve Spinal Health

According to a report published by CBC News, health professionals are seeing an increased number of patients suffering from headaches, and pain in the neck, back and face, which are linked to poor posture. Luckily they say, there are ways to counteract the damage, including a new free Canadian app called ‘Straighten Up Canada’ from The Canadian Chiropractic Association, which provides 12 short exercises to improve posture and spinal health.

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The publication has also highlighted the most common examples of why and how the damage occurs. Apparently, over 11 million Canadians suffer from at least one musculoskeletal condition, many linked to the use of technology, while low back pain and similar conditions account for one-third of missed work time in Canada. The report notes that every inch your head moves forward, is an extra 10 pounds your neck holds up. When you stare down at a screen, the head is taken off the vertical and bent forward up to 45 degrees.

In order to help you improve your posture and spinal health, Canada’s chiropractors have developed the free ‘Straighten Up Canada’ app, which is basically an easy-to-perform posture program that you can use in just three minutes a day.

The Straighten Up Canada program can be practised almost anywhere and is a great warm up, cool down, stand-alone routine or ergonomic break.

Good posture will help you to:

  • Look and feel even better than you already do,
  • Prevent back aches and muscle pains,
  • Decrease wear and tear on your joints,
  • Use less energy for daily tasks, and
  • Increase your spine’s flexibility and resilience.

Straighten Up Canada app features:

  • 12 unique posture exercises
  • Adult and youth exercise options
  • Easy to follow Image stills and video content
  • Tracking function
  • Set personal reminders
  • Track your progress
  • Share your posture exercise progress with friends through social media
  • Learn about your back and common back-related problems
  • Find a Chiropractor in your area quickly and easily
  • Read the latest blog posts on MSK health

You can grab the free app at the following App Store link:

Download Straighten Up Canada for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]

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