Geekbench 3 Benchmarks for Early 2015 MacBook Airs, 13″ MacBook Pro [PICS]

Toronto-based John Poole, the founder of Primate Labs, has posted Geekbench 3 results for Apple’s early 2015 MacBook Airs and 13-inch MacBook Pro refresh, which contain Intel’s new Broadwell processors.

Check out the single-core multi-core benchmark charts for the MacBook Air below, which Poole had this to say:

Single-core performance has increased 6% from Haswell to Broadwell, and multi-core performance for the i5 model has increased 7%. However, quite surprisingly, multi-core performance for the i7 model has increased an impressive 14%.

Mba march 2015 singlecore

Mba march 2015 multicore

Poole recommends the i7 processor if you’re going to buy a MacBook Air as it offers 20% better single-core performance and 25% faster multi-core performance for just a 15% increase in price.

Below are the benchmarks for the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro:

Mbp march 2015 singlecore

Mbp march 2015 multicore

Poole doesn’t have any processor recommendations on the MacBook Pro, as performance differences between price difference are roughly the same.

Anyone going to pick up one of these new MacBook Airs or the 13-inch MacBook Pro?