Apple Watch Band Swap Websites Are Gaining Popularity

Less than a month after the official launch of the Apple Watch, a number of start-up websites have begun Apple Watch band exchange programs, offering services such as the ability to trade in unwanted watch bands for money to go towards a higher-priced model, or simply swap out full bands for different colors in the same style, MacRumors is reporting (via Wired). 


One of the websites named iBandSwap is not only allowing full Apple Watch band trades, but partial ones as well. According to its creator Alistair Barclay, around 530 users have already signed up for the service, with approximately 148 “matches” or band swaps taking place so far. Barclay added that Black/White and Pink/Blue are the first and second-most popular swap configurations on the site respectively. Furthermore, users can also swap individual links from the stainless steel Link Bracelet watch band.

All of these interactions happen independently from any input with the actual website, with both parties receiving one another’s contact information upon a successful match, and any shipping process remains delegated to the users. No money is exchanged in the process. “It’s a small risk,” Barclay says, “and I like to think that most people who are buying a Watch are good people and have no interest in duping someone, as there isn’t really any money involved.”

Other sites like StrapSwap and Band-Band are also providing similar swap meets and basic e-commerce band selling services to customers looking to exchange their original strap.

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Meanwhile, BandSwapper has now been rebranded into WatchDots, which allows customers to place small stickers on the top of the Digital Crown and contacts buttons, giving the lower-end Watch models a similar look to the Edition line of color-matched buttons.