Apple Maintains the #5 Spot in Annual Fortune 500 Rankings

Apple fortune 2015

Apple has maintained the 5th spot in the annual Fortune 500 rankings for the second consecutive year, trailing behind Berkshire Hathaway at #4, Chevron at #3, Exxon Mobil at #2 and Wal-Mart Stores at the #1 spot. Fortune’s latest rankings however highlight that Apple boasts both the biggest profits of any company on the list i.e $39.5 billion, and the highest market value, which is more than $700 billion.

“After a bumpy start to 2014, Apple’s stock finished the year up 40%, adding nearly $200 billion to the company’s market value. A product pipeline that’s gotten Apple fanboys lining up all over again has certainly helped reenergize revenue growth: In addition to unveiling new categories like Apple Pay and Apple Watch, the company launched the iPhone 6, selling a record-breaking 10 million units in the first three days. As CEO Tim Cook recently told investors: “It’s tough to find something in the numbers not to like.” The normally low-profile Cook is breaking new ground in other ways too—in October, 2014 he came out as the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company”.

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Fortune has also mentioned that Apple’s rumoured streaming TV service presents an opportunity for the company, while Android and Chinese smartphone manufacturers remain threats.