An Analyst’s Explanation of Apple’s Car Strategy

Image Apple Car concept4

In a new article at TechPinions, leading industry consultant and the President of Creative Strategies Tim Bajarin has shared his thoughts and analysis on Apple’s car strategy, claiming that Apple’s plans are much grander than doing their own car. He says that if Apple just wanted to get into the smart car business, it would simply buy Tesla and work with them to add Apple’s intelligence and services to the vehicle.

“I do believe Apple has car prototypes in their labs as some have suggested. But I believe they are there to help them create a radical smart/intelligent connected car architectural design that could be licensed to all car companies or be part of an integrated solution. They would work with car companies to customize future models that would be smarter and perhaps safer than any car on the market today. The operative word here is safer.

In talks with car companies, it has become clear that, while they want to create smarter and safer cars, one of the challenges is to have a rich operating system that would allow them to handle all types of cameras, sensors and, perhaps equally important, is an operating system that can be tied to apps and services”.

Bajarin goes on to speculate that Apple may be able to present to car makers a rich solution behind iOS that connects sensors and cameras along with music, apps and services that helps them create a car that has multiple cameras as well as a 360 degree camera on top so there are never any blind spots. These sensors could also be used to add additional safety features including collision avoidance and the like.

The analyst then says that the big question is, “Are the auto companies willing to partner with Apple in this way?”. He continues that while many won’t for various reasons, Apple could win some of the luxury and mid-tier car makers. “I think Apple would only need to have two or three key car companies work with them and integrate whatever they do into a smart car for Apple to have another disruptive product for the market”.

To read the whole piece, hit up this link.

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