Google Canada Launches ‘YouTube Hits’ on Rogers Radio

Youtube Hits

Canada’s leading YouTubers can now connect with their fans in an all new way as Google Canada announces the launch of ‘YouTube Hits’ on Rogers Radio. The official blog entry notes that YouTube has teamed up with Rogers to launch YouTube Hits on terrestrial radio, in an effort to support new music from today’s biggest names and to help uncover rising stars.

“YouTube Hits is the first of its kind in Canada and will reflect the amazing world of YouTube. Each week, the show will feature a rotating cast of Canadian and international YouTube stars, and feature a blend of established and emerging artists based on YouTube viewership to reveal what Canadians and the world are watching online

The first show will include on-air appearances by four Canadian YouTube stars Daniela Andrade (700,000 subscribers) ConvosWith2YrOld (790,000 subscribers), MakeUpByEman (350,000 subscribers) and Corey Vidal (225,000 subscribers). ”.

Hosted by Rogers Radio personalities Blake Carter and Adam Wylde, the weekly hour-long show will highlight the hottest music, trends and topics.

YouTube Hits will air every weekend beginning Saturday, Sept. 5 across the country on Rogers’s top-rated youth brands.