Xcode 7.1 Download Hits the Mac App Store

Apple update day continues, as Xcode 7.1 has hit the Mac App Store (it’s also available in the Developer portal). This new version includes the following updates:

New in Xcode 7.1:

• Support for tvOS including storyboards, unit and UI testing, playgrounds, and crash logs
• New workflow to add a device for development and testing, select Window > Devices then click the + button
• Storyboard support for 3D Touch gestures
• View debugger presents an improved view of Auto Layout contraints at runtime
• Enhanced XCPlayground API gives playground authors more power
• Swift 2.1 improves interoperability with C code
• Two-factory authentication support when adding an Apple ID account


The download was announced by Apple employee Chris Lattner, in charge of the Developer Tools department at the company.

Click here to download Xcode 7.1 in the Mac App Store.