Apple Dominated Silicon Valley in 2015 with 40% of All Profits

While Apple may currently be experiencing a slowing iPhone growth, a recent survey has revealed that the Cupertino giant was responsible for 40% of the entire profit pool of public tech companies in Silicon Valley in 2015, 9to5Mac reports. With a combined profit of $133 billion for all the public tech companies in the Valley, Apple alone recorded a profit of $53.7 billion dollars, as pointed out by data collected by

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In terms of sales, Apple is also ranked as no. 1 in Silicon Valley taking $234 billion, followed by a distant second Alphabet (Google) at $74 billion. The company posted a profit margin of 23% during 2015, while both Google and Intel recorded a 21% margin, coming in at second and third respectively. Furthermore, Apple also topped the profit growth chart as it increased its bottom line by $9.3 billion over the previous year.

“Despite its inordinate profit and available cash, Apple’s capital return program means that the company also tops the list of highest debt levels too. Apple’s debt stands at $64.4 billion, increasing 70% over the previous year. As much of Apple’s cash is held internationally, it uses debt to fund stock buybacks and investor dividends at far lower interest rates than if it repatriated its cash from overseas”.

Apple’s $200 billion cash pile also puts it at the top of the list for the balance sheet rankings, while the closest runner up is Alphabet, with $78 billion in cash.