Apple Trademark Filings Leak ‘iPhone 7’ Model Numbers, AirPods and More


Apple’s recent trademark filings in Russia discovered by have leaked the model numbers for the upcoming ‘iPhone 7’ flagship smartphones, showing numbers A1778 and A1784 (via 9to5Mac). In addition to this, the filings also reveal a series of new Apple wearable devices which seem to be different versions of ‘Apple Watch 2’ and possibly tweaked Apple Watch 1 hardware as well.

The discovery highlights two new iPhones, obviously representing the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus. There are a whole slew of Apple Watch model identifiers: ten in total. Apple Watch is currently split into three ranges, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Ten unique model identifiers indicates that Apple will be launching more than just a new Apple Watch 2 in three flavors next week.

The most interesting finding in Apple’s trademark filings is perhaps the existence of ‘AirPods’, which appears to be the name for the official wireless headphones which are expected to launch along with the ‘iPhone 7’. The name has long been rumored as the brand name for Apple’s wireless headphones, since the upcoming iPhones are strongly believed to lack the 3.5mm headphone jack.

While it remains unclear whether Apple will ship the ‘AirPods’ in box with iPhone 7 or if they’ll be offered as an optional extra, it does however suggest that consumers will now have to use the Lightning connector or Bluetooth to connect their headphones and other audio devices.