Bell Restricts Fibe TV on Apple TV 4 to Home WiFi Networks

Last month, Bell launched Fibe TV for fourth generation Apple TV users, allowing them to watch live TV, in what the company called a Canadian first. All users had to do was login to their Bell Fibe TV account and start streaming live TV on Apple TV 4, making the latter a convenient way to extend cable to different rooms in the home.

But now it appears Bell has restricted how Fibe TV works on Apple TV 4, as users are reporting you can no longer watch the service on an Apple TV 4 that is not connected to your home Wi-Fi network. So that means if you purchased an extra Apple TV 4 to use at another residence, you won’t be able to do so. The move could be an attempt to prevent users from sharing their login credentials with friends and family.

iPhone in Canada reader Luke explained when he contacted Bell on the matter, they advised him to just contact billing on the issue, because he said he bought two Apple TV 4 units because of the Bell Fibe app.

There appears to be a workaround though, as users can still AirPlay from the Bell Fibe iOS app to Apple TV to get around the restriction (thanks Riley).

What are your thoughts on Bell’s new restrictions for Fibe TV on Apple TV 4?