Apple Airs New Ads for AirPods, Apple Watch Series 2, Activity Rings [VIDEOS]

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Apple uploaded five new ads to their YouTube channel today, bringing forth the first batch of advertisements for AirPods, highlighting the ease of pairing, Siri integration and overall coolness factor.

The AirPods ads feature LA-based dancer, Charles “Lil Buck” Riley, showing off some dance moves, with the song Down by Marian Hill playing in the background.

“iPhone 7 + AirPods – Pairing” – Just flip open the case and they’re paired. AirPods on iPhone 7.

“iPhone 7 + AirPods – Siri” – Double-tap and Siri is there. AirPods on iPhone 7.

“iPhone 7 + AirPods — Notes” – Feel the magic of AirPods on iPhone 7.

“iPhone 7 + AirPods – Stroll” – Feel the magic of AirPods on iPhone 7.

The next ad features Apple Watch Series 2, again showing how the Activity app is essential to tracking all of the day’s movements.

“Apple Watch Series 2 — Close Your Rings — Dance, Run, Rock” – Move. Exercise. Stand. Three ways to track your activity with Apple Watch and Close Your Rings.

The AirPod ads are not bad, as they not only showcase that they are just so cool, but they won’t fall out of your ears either when you’re busting a move. The Marian Hill track also has a smooth beat, which again is Apple showcasing another artist to millions.