WhatsApp May Get Recall Sent Messages, Live Location Features

According to a report by The Telegraph, WhatsApp will soon add the ability to recall sent messages, allowing users to delete messages from the receivers phone if it is yet to be read. The delete function is currently being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp’s next update, along with the ability to edit sent messages that haven’t been viewed by the receiver.


In edition to these new edit tools, WhatsApp is also testing a new feature that could make it a lot easier to coordinate meeting a group of friends. As reported by Cult of Mac, the app will soon ask for users’ permission to make their location data available to their contacts, similar to Find My Friends.

Although the feature hasn’t been confirmed by WhatsApp yet, it’s already available in version of the beta app on iOS, and version 2.16.399 on Android. It can be enabled within the settings menu, although it’s disabled by default.

Should you choose to enable it, you’ll have the option to share your location for 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or indefinitely. Of course, these options could change when the feature rolls out to the public with a future update. 

It’s unclear where your location data will be displayed, or whether you’ll be able to specify which contacts or groups are able to see it (so that it isn’t available to every contact in your address book). It’s also unclear if you will be able to request another user’s location.

Much like all features that appear in beta releases, there’s however no guarantee if these will make it to public version of WhatsApp.