Connected Devices are Affecting Canadians’ Relationships [Survey]


According to a recent global survey of 13,000 adults in relationships, Canadians spend almost as much time online at home (32%) as they do interacting with others face-to-face (37%). The survey, commissioned by Intel-owned McAfee, shows Canadians are using their connected devices more and more every day, which is impacting Canadians’ relationships.

  • 21% of Canadians say they’ve had to compete with their companion’s device for attention on a first date.
  • 36% of Canadians feel their partner gives more attention to their device when they’re together.
  • 34% of Canadians report arguments over being on a device when together with friends, family or a significant other.

Although people are competing with devices for their significant other’s attention, the survey shows that many still share password information. 30% of Canadian couples share passwords to their social media accounts with one another, 35% share personal e-mail passwords, while 31% share passwords or PINs for banking and financial services websites.

Given the increasing importance connected devices have in Canadians’ lives and relationships, McAfee has developed some tips for staying safe online:

  • Ensure your passwords are secure and strong. Include numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as symbols. If you’re someone who knows the struggle with generating and remembering multiple unique passwords, use a password management solution like True Key by Intel Security, to help you store and create complex passwords.
  • Be careful with how personal you get. Take the time to remove unnecessary personal information from your devices that could compromise your security. The less personal data you have on a device, the safer your information will be.
  • Focus on what really matters. We love our devices, but it’s important to disconnect every now and then to spend time with the important people in our lives, like friends and family. Don’t worry: your social networks and mobile games will be right there waiting for you when you get back.

The following infographic shows the Canadian statistics from the survey: