Apple Classroom 2.0 Teacher Guide Download Out for Latest iPad Update

Apple Classroom is an iPad app which allows teachers and students to learn together and collaborate easily in the classroom. Version 2.0 of the iOS app was released over a week ago, but officially announced today. If you’re looking for the accompanying Teacher Guide for this latest version, it is also available now as well.

What’s New in Version 2.0
• Create classes within Classroom and invite nearby students to join
• Share documents and links to student devices via AirDrop (replaces the Classroom Share Extension)
• Students can share documents and links with their teacher via AirDrop
• Mute audio on student devices

Apple classroom 2 0 guide

The latest version allows teachers to create classes and invite nearby students to join, plus also share documents with students wirelessly with AirDrop and vice versa.

Apple Classroom allows teachers to monitor student activity on iPad, plus launch and lock apps, and navigate to specific content. If a classroom has an Apple TV, presentations can easily be beamed via AirPlay.

Click here to download Apple Classroom 2.0 for iPad.