$2000 iPhone 7 Plus ‘Retro Edition’ by Colorware Gets Hands-On Treatment [VIDEO]

Last month, Colorware announced it would product limited editions of what they would call the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition, a throwback to the vintage Mac design from the 1980s, but on the latest iPhone.

These painted models would also include the company’s multicoloured Apple logo on the back, along with dark beige stripes along the sides (to simulate vents from a 1984 Mac), in what Colorware says would turn your phone into “a work of art.” Only the first 25 of these models would have a number engraved on the back, the company noted.

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These models came in at a whopping price of $1899 USD, and if you want to see how the paint job looks in real life, YouTube channel iTwe4kz has posted the first hands-on video on the web (and the fourth person to place an order).

YouTube video

The paint job actually looks pretty good, but at the price of $1899 USD for this phone and the design, it’s a hefty price to pay (you’re paying an $850 USD markup for the custom paint job). You could get the same thing for $20 USD from Slick Wraps.

What do you think of this retro iPhone 7 Plus?