Google Photos for iOS Can Now AirPlay Photos, Videos to Apple TV

Google Photos is one of the best apps to come out of Google, and the now the iOS version can beam your photos and videos via AirPlay to your Apple TV.

A minor update was released yesterday which allows users to stream their pictures and videos to Apple TV, making it convenient to share your media on the big screen. A native tvOS app would be even better, but for now this update should fill the void.

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While everybody has posted about this update on the web— aside from AirPlay Mirroring, where is the AirPlay button in the iOS share sheet? We couldn’t find it yesterday and today either. Let us know in the comments.

Google Photos is great because it offers an unlimited photo and video storage option, for photos up to 16MP (any larger and they are resized to 16MP) and videos in 1080P (larger files are resized to 1080P. An original quality option uses space available in your Google Account.

If you have old hard drives full of photos, uploading them to Google Photos via their desktop uploader, can do wonders with your old images and videos, automatically making movies and organizing them, plus making them searchable by object and people. It’s a free solution to backup your media in the event your hard drive dies, gets stolen is burned in a fire.

Google says “Photos larger than 75MB or 100MP, videos larger than 2GB, and items smaller than 256 x 256 can’t be backed up.”

Anyways, if you’re down with Google Photos, this is a small but welcome update. Seriously though–where’s the Apple TV Google Photos app?

Click here to download Google Photos for iOS in the App Store.