Awesome iOS 11 for iPad Concept Imagines Drag & Drop, Finder and More [VIDEO]

2017 05 19 16 27 02

MacStories founder Federico Viticci is back at it again with designer Sam Beckett, to showcase what the former imagines iOS 11 for iPad could be:

This time, instead of showcasing our ideas as standalone concepts, we imagined a “day in the life” theme for the video, showing how enhancements to iOS for iPad would work in practice. Rather than showcasing random bits of possible features, we imagined an underlying task to be accomplished (planning a vacation in Barcelona) and how better iPad software could help.

The concept imagines system-wide Drag & Drop, a idea called Shelf that acts as a multi-slot clipboard, a new Split View app picker, Finder app integration, multiple audio streams, a more compact home screen, a refreshed design and more.

Check out the full video below, which is best viewed at 1080P or 4K, which is really well done, as expected:

YouTube video

Last year, MacStories and Beckett collaborated on an iOS 10 concept, which was equally awesome.

What do you think of this iOS 11 for iPad concept?