Get 3 Months of Tidal HiFi Free via Sennheiser CapTune for iOS ($60 value)

There’s a promo from Sennheiser right now that offers three months of Tidal HiFi for free ($60 value), as the streaming service normally charges $19.99 CAD per month (Tidal Premium is $9.99 CAD/month with ‘normal sound quality).

All you need to do is download Sennheiser CapTune for iOS (or Android), sign up for a new Tidal account within the app’s settings, then remember to cancel your subscription over on—which you can do right away, but your trial still lasts 90 days.

Tidal has 40 million songs and 130,000 videos available, while music quality is in high fidelity, with lossless sound quality, offering richer sound with more details versus AAC 320.

Tidal sennheiser

If you’ve been curious about Tidal HiFi versus Apple Music in terms of sound quality, now you can give it a shot for free, and compare how it sounds on your high end speakers like Sonos or other headphones.

Click here to download Sennheiser CapTune for iOS (remember to sign up WITHIN the app, not—then let us know if you end up with the free Tidal trial.

[via RFD]