Virgin Mobile Launches $45/4GB Promo Plan to Match Public Mobile, Alberta Only

Telus-owned Public Mobile recently launched a $45/4GB promo plan (after AutoPay) with unlimited province-wide calling and global text.

Now, Bell’s flanker brand, Virgin Mobile, has matched this plan and is also offering a Canada-wide calling option too for $5 more. Both plans are only available in Alberta, however.

Here’s what’s available for BYOD customers:

  • $45/month: unlimited province-wide talk, global text, 4GB of data
  • $50/month: unlimited Canada-wide talk, global text, 4GB of data

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If you were on a Virgin Mobile plan with 2GB of data for the same price, call in and switch to this promo plan to double your data. Rogers-owned Fido hasn’t matched this offering, yet.

[via RFD]