Canadian Mobile Purchases to Exceed $2.5 Billion this Holiday Season

According to a new research from Angus Reid commissioned by PayPal, Canadians are expected to spend over $2.5 billion using their mobile devices to shop for holiday gifts this year. More than 35% of the transactions that PayPal processed globally in Q3 of 2017, originated from a mobile device. Survey data shows that 62% of Canadians will be using their mobile devices to find and compare prices, while 62% will be using them to research products.


Research has found that Canadian mobile shoppers are planning to spend more than $200 on holiday gifts from purchasing directly from their mobile device which is fairly close to the $275 which they plan to spend on buying gifts from a physical retail store. 

It has been observed that nearly four out of five Canadians prefer to shop for gifts from their mobile device because it offers more flexibility and helps them avoid long checkout lines, holiday crowds and parking hassles.

Survey data shows that one fourth of Canadians who own mobile devices plan to purchase a gift directly through an advertisement which pops up on their social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Of these shoppers, Millennials are more likely to drive social commerce (37%), followed by Gen X’ers (23%) and Baby Boomers (12%).

“At PayPal, we’ve witnessed the retail experience transform in the last few years with mobile devices defining how people shop for gifts and experiences, especially over the holidays,” said Malini Mitra, consumer initiatives lead, PayPal Canada. “To compete for year-end sales, retailers should offer seamless mobile shopping experiences with an aggressive social media promotion strategy.”

The research was conducted online between October 13-18, 2017, and surveyed 1,544 Canadians aged 18+.