Netflix Tax in Canada Still Isn’t Happening: Finance Minister

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has reiterated a Netflix tax would not be happening, as it would impact the wallets of middle-class Canadians, reports the Canadian Press.

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly said a couple days ago she never agreed to exempt the streaming giant from sales tax, as part of a recent $500 million deal to create original content in Canada.

The issue has impacted Joly politically in Quebec, as artists and the province want foreign streaming services taxed, saying the Netflix deal acts as unfair subsidies. Quebec has voted to tax services like Netflix, with a motion passing two months ago to impose sales tax.

Joly was pressed on the Netflix tax issue on Friday, but diverted questions to Morneau, as the finance minister is in charge of taxation.

Morneau told the Canadian Press on Sunday there are still no plans to impose a Netflix tax, following in line with what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said in the past. #becausemiddleclass