iOS 11 Bug: iPhone X Unlocks By Itself In Pocket

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a weird bug with my iPhone X, which is having the device unlock itself while in my jeans pocket. No, this is not a joke, but my iPhone X is probably haunted—or the answer is it’s a bug related to iOS 11.2.6 and older.

Here’s how it happens: I finish texting within Messages, then lock my iPhone X with the sleep/wake button. Then, a few minutes later, I feel buzzing in my pocket and hear sounds of receiving text messages within iMessage. I reach into my pocket and my iPhone X is unlocked and Messages is open…#mindblown.

Screenshot 2018 02 24 12 55 36

It turns out I’m not alone in experiencing this, as this Reddit thread from three months also has a bunch of users griping about it. Not only is it a security issue, but it’s also annoying to suddenly have your iPhone on in your pocket, as the screen goes to full brightness and drains the battery.

Anyone else ever experience their iPhone X or other iPhone unlock by itself in your pocket?