1Password X Updated with Support for Japanese, New Features and More

Last year, AgileBits introduced 1Password X, a full featured version of 1Password that runs entirely within your web browser without having to download any app. Since its launch, the developers have been polishing the app to make it better and faster, and have now released an update which also brings support for Japanese language.


The updated 1Password X contains a fully customizable password generator. When you need a custom password, simply open 1Password from the toolbar and bring up the password generator. You can easily customize everything and choose between different kinds of passwords. Using machine learning, 1Password X can now distinguish between registration forms and sign-in forms as well.

According the developers, unlocking 1Password X is now over 30 times faster and loading your items is instantaneous. In addition to super fast unlock speeds, you can view your item details and fill Logins faster as well.

To achieve this incredible speed, 1Password X caches your encrypted data locally so it’s always available. That means you always have access to your data, even when you don’t have internet or are on spotty Wi-Fi.

We’ve added over 120 new features and improvements to 1Password X since our inaugural 1.0 release. In addition to the highlights above, some more of our favourites include creating new items, customizable auto-lock settings, and full support for Japanese!

While 1Password X is currently available for Google Chrome, support for other browsers including Firefox is also coming soon.