You Can Now Ask Alexa to Play Songs within Amazon Music for iOS in Canada

Amazon Canada has announced this morning Prime Music listeners in Canada can now ask Alexa to play songs within the Amazon Music iOS (and Android) app.

All you have to do is launch the Amazon Music iOS app, tap the Alexa icon in the bottom right corner and ask for your music request:

IMG 2490 2

You can ask for music by mood, genre or era, while Alexa can also search by album name, artist name and more. Amazon Canada explained to iPhone in Canada via email, “This new feature combines the power of natural voice commands with a visual app experience.”

IMG 2489

Here are some examples what you can ask Alexa to search for within the Amazon Music iOS app:

  • Music by song name: “Alexa, play ‘New Rules’ by Dua Lipa”
  • Album title: “Alexa, play the Everything Now album by Arcade Fire”
  • Artist name: “Alexa, play The Weeknd”
  • Playlist and station: “Alexa, play the ‘Hockey Rock’ playlist” or “Alexa, play the ‘Today’s Hip-Hop & R&B’ station”
  • Genre: “Alexa, play hip-hop music” or “Alexa, play alternative music”
  • Mood: “Alexa, play relaxing music”
  • Era: “Alexa, play 90s rock music”
  • Popularity: “Alexa, play the most popular songs by Justin Bieber”
  • Chronology: “Alexa, play the latest song by Alessia Cara”

We tested out the feature and it was able to play our request for some top Celine Dion songs (#dontjudgeme). Once you’re playing music, you can then AirPlay it to any speaker if you wish to do so.

Now, one downside is you must press the Alexa icon within the app to make a voice request; it would be nice if there was an ‘always listening’ Alexa option like the company’s smart speakers . I can see how this voice option would be faster and easier than typing in a music search, for those using Prime Music.

Click here to download Amazon Music for iOS in the App Store. The music service is included free as part of a paid Prime membership.