New Sonos Smart Home Theater Speaker With HDMI Coming Soon


According to a recent FCC filing by Sonos that was made public today, the company is preparing to launch a new smart home theater speaker featuring an HDMI port, Variety is reporting. The speaker dons the model number “S14” and will likely have integrated far-field voice control similar to the Sonos One, which offers direct access to Amazon’s Alexa assistant.

Much of the FCC filing for the upcoming S14 was redacted, so we don’t exactly know yet how the speaker is going to look like, or which features it will offer. However, the filing does offer a few clues.

For one thing, the device was initially called a smart speaker, but subsequently renamed to home theater speaker, and one of the filed documents includes the following description: “The model S14 is a high-performance all-in-one home theater smart speaker and part of Sonos’ home sound system.” 

The documents also mention an HDMI port, which would be a departure from Sonos’ previous home theater design. The company previously didn’t included any HDMI ports in its speaker, and instead relied on optical out for digital sound. As a result, the previous home theater wasn’t capable of supporting new home theater audio formats like Dolby Atmos.

A company spokesperson declined to comment on the FCC filing, saying that Sonos is constantly looking at new ways to deliver the best possible experiences for our customers. “We do not have any additional details to share”.