LastPass ‘Connect’ App Beta Launches: Lock/Unlock your Computer Based on Smartphone Proximity

Password manager LastPass has launched a new app called Connect in beta, which will let customers lock and unlock their computers with their smartphone, based the latter’s proximity.

LastPass connect beta

Here’s what an email sent out to customers reads:

Lock. Unlock. Magic.

Have you ever gotten annoyed at how many times a day you have to type your computer password? Do you ever go into a panic wondering if you left Slack open or some confidential document up on your screen?

We’d like to invite you to an exclusive beta for a new app that solves this exact frustration. The app, called Connect, unlocks and locks your computer based on the proximity of your mobile device — no password required. As long as you have your mobile device with you, you can trust that your computer will be secure.

Walk up to your computer, it unlocks. Walk away, and it locks. Simple!

So essentially as long as your smartphone is with you when you’re near your computer, it’ll stay unlocked. Walk away and your computer will lock. The unlocking feature is similar to how Apple Watch can lock a Mac when you’re within range.

According to Android Authority, who is testing this right now, Connect has “worked quite well so far, so I’m hopeful the company will launch this as a real add-on” for LastPass.

Did you get this invite from LastPass to try out Connect in beta? Let us know how it goes.

Thanks Jay