Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition iOS App to Get Axed on May 31

Rogers has informed customers its AnyPlace TV Home (Ontario) app will sunset on May 31, 2018.

Rogers anyplace tv home edition ontario

In an email to customers, the company says the app will “no longer be available” at the end of the month, meaning “you will no longer be able to set and manage your PVR recordings on your mobile device.”

Rogers says even though the ability to control your PVR from your iPhone is disappearing, users can still manage their recordings with the Rogers TV remote at home.

The company says customers should download the new Rogers Anyplace TV iOS app, which offers cable TV subscribers to stream live TV from mobile devices.

The Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app was updated in 2015 to allow customers to live stream TV from their mobile devices, plus access and manage PVR recordings. At the time, Rogers said “think of the Anyplace TV Home Edition app as your excellent-entertainment enabler, bound to make everyone’s TV-watching lives a lot easier… and a whole lot happier.”

The writing was pretty much on the wall for the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition iOS app, as the most recent update was way back in October of 2016.

Customers are now being directed to download the Anyplace TV iOS app, which saw a major refresh last fall and was updated earlier this year to support French.

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