New Apple Watch Faces Seen Today are Available in iOS 12 GM

With today’s release of iOS 12 GM for developers and Public beta testers, Apple has also included some of the new watch faces for Apple Watch seen today on stage at its iPhone event.

Below, you can see the new Breath watch face, which lets you “take a breath by raising your wrist and following the motion of the Breathe face. Choose your favourite from three styles, each one designed to help you take a full, relaxing breath. Inspired by the Breathe app, the face uses the same rhythm and 8.5 second timing to invoke relaxation.”

Three Breathe styles are available: Classic, Calm and Focus.

Image from Tweetbot 15 Image from Tweetbot 16

For the Fire and Water watch face, Apple says “this face brings two fundamental elements to Apple Watch. Each film was shot in a custom model which allows fire and water to define the edges of the face and interact with the dial.” You can choose from Fire, Water and Fire & Water.

Image from Tweetbot 17 Image from Tweetbot 18

For Liquid Metal, Apple says it was “inspired by the materials that make up Apple Watch” and “each film was shot in a custom model to capture the motion of the liquid metal as it interacts with the edges of the dial or display.” You can choose colours of silver, gold, black and all (combo of all three).

Image from Tweetbot 19 Image from Tweetbot 20

Last but not least, there is the Vapor watch face, which Apple says “we created films to show how color could combine in the air and interact with the dial and edges of the display. Each film was shot at thousands of frames per second as a mortar fired colours into a custom chamber.” Users can pick from blue/green, black/white, pink/orange or all (a combo of all three).

How to get these new watch faces? If you’re a developer or Public beta tester with the iOS 12 GM seed installed on your iPhone, just launch the Watch app, then tap the Face Gallery tab and you’ll see these new faces, available to install onto your Apple Watch.

Thanks @LastNameSmith!