FaceTime Camera on Future iPhones May be Hidden With “Pure Black” Coating

Iphone x notch

In an effort to eliminate the “small spots” like those visible in the notch on the iPhone X, iPhone XS/XS Max and iPhone XR, Apple may use a special “pure black” coating for its FaceTime camera lens in future iPhones.

According to GF Securities analyst Jeff Pu, iPhone camera lens supplier Largan Precision has started developing this special type of coating for camera lenses (via MacRumors). The analyst believes Apple and some other smartphone makers could adopt the technology as early as 2020.

A translated version of the Economic Daily News report says the special coating would allow the front camera lens to “completely disappear.” A translation of the MoneyDJ report says the coating will be “pure black,” eliminating the “small spots” like those visible in the notch on the iPhone X. 

Although the lens on the front camera blends into the notch quite well on the iPhones, it is still visible from certain angles and lighting conditions. The special “pure black” coating would presumably make the lens completely invisible to the eye. 

Since Apple has been trying to make an iPhone that looks like a sheet of black glass for quite some time, this would certainly help the tech giant get one step closer to making it a reality.