Rogers: Save $150 Off Apple Watch Series 4 Open Box Returns

Looking for an Apple Watch Series 4 cellular model and you’re okay with an open box model? Head to your local Rogers store, as the company is selling open box Series 4 LTE models for $150 off, which works out to 23% off. A brand new Apple Watch Series 4 cellular model starts at $649 CAD for the 40mm version.

According to RFD user ‘LeaveEarly’, a new Rogers program dubbed ‘Good as New’ has the company certifying open box returns themselves, instead of returning items to the manufacturer:

Recently bought a Apple watch Series 4 40mm gold (GPS+CELLULAR) from a Rogers store at a $150 discount (23% off) .

Apparently this is an official Rogers program called ‘Good as new’ the sales rep told me that when they receive new returned items from customers within the 15 day period, instead of returning it to the manufacturer they resell it after ‘certifying’ it themselves.

This program apparently also applies to smartphones as well, with models that retail for over $500 getting a $200 discount, while for smartwatches it’s $150 off.

The kicker here is the open box Apple Watch Series 4 LTE model was sold outright and without the need to sign up for a smartwatch data plan. The Apple Watch Series 4 was a final sale but still had its one-year Apple warranty and was also eligible for AppleCare.

As for the condition of the open box Apple Watch? It was cosmetically in very good shape.

This is definitely a YMMV (your mileage may vary) situation, as to save on Apple Watch Series 4, you’ll need to find a Rogers store which actually has open box returns.

Right now, you can still save 15% off a brand new Apple Watch Series 4 GPS model from Sport Chek, by following this method.