Spotify Officially Makes its Return to Roku Platform

Spotify Landing Page 900

Spotify has today officially made its way back to the Roku platform, allowing users to once again listen to and browse music recommendations from the world’s leading streaming music platform directly on their Roku players and Roku TVs. 

Spotify app, which has been missing from the Roku’s channel store for almost a year, is available both to free and paying users of the music service and provides access to Spotify’s entire catalog as well as users’ Spotify library.

“On a supported Roku streaming player or Roku TV, Spotify lets you discover, manage and share over 35 million songs for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium to access exclusive features including improved sound quality and ad-free listening. Once Spotify is installed on your Roku device, you can control music playback using your Roku remote, or via Spotify Connect on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.”

The new app is beginning to rolling out to Roku players and Roku TVs running Roku OS 8.2 or higher today and is expected to be available on all supported devices by the end of the year. Additionally, streaming player models 3600 and above will also get the new Spotify app.

If you have a Roku player, simply open the Roku Channel Store by selecting Streaming Channels from your home screen, and then browse the Music genre or select Search Channels and search for ‘Spotify’.