OtterBox and PopSockets Announce Customizable ‘Otter + Pop’ iPhone Cases

OtterBox and PopSockets have announced their collaborative ‘Otter + Pop’ swappable iPhone cases that feature built-in PopGrip and swappable PopTops to offer a fully customizable experience “for every look, style, scene or vibe”. The cases will be ‘available soon’  in a variety of “unstoppable combinations” starting at $59.95 USD.


The new Otter + Pop iPhone cases combine the streamlined design of the OtterBox Symmetry Series with the versatility of a PopGrip to make the iPhones easier and fun to use.

While the sleek, one-piece iPhone case protects against drops and bumps, the integrated PopGrip lays flush with the case when not in use and provides easier one-handed operation and hands-free viewing when needed. The swappable PopTops make it easy to customize the case for any occasion.

“OtterBox and PopSockets collaborating on an integrated case was a no-brainer,” said Jim Parke, OtterBox CEO. “Our fans love variety, customization and sleek protection. With Otter + Pop, we can deliver that in one thin iPhone case that combines our legacy of protection with all of the unique attributes that PopSockets delivers.”

“A case with an integrated, swappable PopSockets grip, made by the strongest case brand in the world, which happens also to be a Colorado company? Sounds like a good idea to me,” said David Barnett, PopSockets founder and CEO.

Each case comes with a case-matched PopTop colour although any swappable PopTop can be used with a simple turn and a snap to create a unique look. The individual swappable PopTops will start at $8 USD once available later this year.