The Complete Adventures of Pan (Books 1-7) Go Free in the App Store ($27 Value)

Complete adventures of pan

The Complete Adventures of Pan (Books 1-7) for iOS and Apple TV normally retails for $19.99 USD ($27 CAD) in the App Store, but currently, a price drop has the entire set available for free.

The description of this story is below:

The first-ever original story series made for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV – it’s a magical and uniquely interactive form of storytelling designed for kids ages 4+ to encourage strong values and positive character. The stories include free play, games and exploration, turning iPhone and iPad time into a creative and educational experience.

The books include original characters, high-quality animation, music, puzzles and activities, with over “100 fully interactive cinematic scenes with artwork drawn completely by hand.”

The total download for all 7 books is 2.3 GB, so be aware if you’re trying to get these via cellular data.

The Complete Adventures of Pan are currently rated 4.6 stars out of 5 in the App Store and seem to be very popular. If you have some young kids, this may be worth downloading.

Click here to download The Complete Adventures of Pan in the App Store.

[via RFD]