Individual Apple Pencil Purchases are Now Eligible for AppleCare+

Apple pencil

Previously, only the Apple Pencils purchased alongside an iPad were eligible for AppleCare+ coverage but now, Apple has decided to extend to coverage to any first-generation or second-generation Apple Pencil a customer with AppleCare+ for iPad may own, even if purchased separately (via MacRumors).

“Effective today, the Apple Pencil no longer needs to be purchased at the same time as an iPad to be eligible for AppleCare+ coverage, according to an announcement shared with Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers today.”

AppleCare+ for iPad covers up to two incidents of accidental damage to the Apple Pencil, each subject to a fee of $29 plus tax. The plan also covers both the iPad and Apple Pencil for two years from the date the plan is purchased.

It must be noted that while a customer is required to add AppleCare+ for iPad coverage within 60 days of purchasing an iPad, it does not appear to matter when the Apple Pencil was purchased.