CIA Claims Huawei Has Been Funded by Chinese Intelligence, Offers Proof

An exclusive report published yesterday by Times UK has claimed that according to the evidence shown to Britain by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Huawei has received funding from the People’s Liberation Army, China’s National Security Commission, and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network (via Forbes).


The U.S. agency has directly refuted the claim made earlier this month by Huawei’s chief global communicator Joy Tan, that the Chinese government does not have any ownership or any interference in Huawei’s business operations. 

The source notes that the evidence has been shared with Britain and its other partners in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance i.e. Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. British lawmakers, including Prime Minister Theresa May, are now expected to debate Huawei at the country’s National Security Council in the coming days.

According to the Times source, “only the most senior U.K. officials are believed to have seen the intelligence, which the CIA awarded a strong but not cast-iron classification of certainty.” But the newspaper also reports a separate U.S. course as saying that there is a view within the U.S. intelligence community that “the Chinese ministry of state security — its principal security and espionage organization — had approved government funding for Huawei.”

Huawei has always denied claims of funding from Beijing or working to aid the objectives of China’s state intelligence apparatus, which is why this could be the most serious allegation yet made against the company.