You Can Now Book JUMP E-Bikes in Montreal with Uber’s iOS and Android Apps

Uber montreal jump bikes

Uber Canada officially announced the launch of its JUMP e-bike program in Montreal, Quebec, this morning.

The company said “This announcement is part of Uber’s commitment to bringing together multiple modes of transportation — offering safe and affordable options to increase sustainable mobility — all within the Uber app.”

“JUMP will help provide additional transportation options to reduce traffic congestion,” added the company.

JUMP electric bikes offer pedaling assistance and can go up to 32km/h when riding. It’s free to unlock a JUMP bike with the Uber iOS or Android app, then after users are charged $0.30 per minute, “as soon as you book a bike in the Uber app.”

Uber says you will be allowed to put your bike on hold for up to an hour, while a $25 fee applies if you lock your bike outside the service area, seen below:

Uber jump montreal

Montreal is the first Canadian city to have JUMP e-bikes from Uber.