Belkin Debuts 3 New BOOST CHARGE Wireless Chargers on Apple Store Canada

A trio of BOOST CHARGE wireless chargers from Belkin has just made its debut on the Apple Store in Canada. Tailor-made for the iPhone, the new wireless chargers target several different areas, including the car. All three wireless chargers function with cases that are up to 3mm thick.


BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Vent Mount 7.5W

Belkin’s new Wireless Charging Vent Mount gives you a fast in-car wireless charging solution for your iPhone 8 or later models at 7.5 watts. Secure arms grip the iPhone, keeping it in place to ensure consistent fast wireless charging. It is available now on for CAD $79.95.


BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Stand 7.5W

The new Qi-certified Wireless Charging Stand from Belkin provides safe, efficient and consistent fast charging for iPhone 8 or later models. It also offers the choice of portrait or landscape viewing mode, so you can interact with your iPhone at the optimal viewing angle. The charger is listed on for CAD $64.95.


BOOST CHARGE Wireless Charging Pad 5W

Last but not least is Belkin’s Wireless Charging Pad that delivers 5 watts of power. Just place your iPhone onto the pad to instantly begin charging. The charging pad also includes an LED indicator that confirms your iPhone is aligned and charging. It is now available to purchase in black and white colour options on for CAD $39.95.