Ritual App Holds $1 Food Festival in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa

Mobile food ordering and pick up app, Ritual, has launched a $1 Food Fest in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

For existing users to access the $1 Food Fest—there’s a catch. You need to refer a new user to the service “within the specific referral period” using a referral code and link from the Ritual app or website. The person you refer, must also sign up and place their first order before you can access the $1 Food Fest offers. For new Ritual users, they will be able to access the $1 deals right away.

According to Ritual, the $1 Food Fest is limited to five offers per user and cannot be combined with any other offers or signup credits.

The referral period runs from August 5 to August 23, 11:59PM ET.

Click here to sign up for Ritual and access their $1 Food Fest.

[via RFD]