Kurbo by Weight Watchers is a Weight Loss App for Kids and Teens

Weight Watchers, which has now been rebranded as WW, has launched a new app for iOS and Android called ‘Kurbo’ aimed at encouraging “healthy weight loss” in children aged 8 to 17 (via CTV News).

Kurbo app, that uses the Stanford University “traffic light” system to rank foods into categories of green (eat all the time), yellow (eat in moderation), and red (stop and think), lets kids sign up for one-on-one coaching via video chat for “15 minutes once a week” to keep them accountable to their goals.


The app uses a Snapchat-like interface and also includes extras like breathing exercises. It lets users enter data like height, weight, and age as well as track their physical activity. Kurbo also allows texting coaches outside of scheduled video sessions “for extra support.”

Kurbo says it screens their coaches using a “rigorous background check” and promises that the company “oversees interactions between coaches and members,” according to their website.

Website visitors are prompted with a free 7-day trial, after which the user will be “automatically subscribed at the standard one month fee (US $69), three month fee (US $189) or six month fee (US $294),” depending on the plan they choose, according to the sites fine print.

You can get more information about the Kurbo app at this link.